The Robotic Butler You’ve Always Wanted

reemPAL Robotics from Spain has just released the latest version of their REEM robot.  The new robot was recently demonstrated at a large trade show in Abu Dhabi.

REEM weighs 90 kg, is 1.7 meters tall and has a battery life of about 8 hours.  With a variety of sensors including gyroscopes and accelerometers, REEM is able to navigate any surroundings.

The press release states:

REEM is a humanoid robot, equipped with an autonomous navigation system, a touch screen, and is capable of roaming through any kind of surroundings. It can be used as a guide, an entertainer, a logistical tool and has many other applications, while its touch screen can be used for a variety of multimedia applications, e.g. to display a map of the surrounding area, display a variety of information, and for tele-assistance.

No word on the price, but PAL robotics is already busy building 20 REEM robots for clients.

Sounds great, but can he make me a martini and do my laundry?

See our previous post about REEM-B or click through for a video of REEM directing people at a mall.

Link via (Fast Company)

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