Panasonic Unveils HOSPI-Rimo

HOSPI-RimoPanasonic has created a robot to help the sick or bedridden.  The idea for HOSPI-Rimo is to act as an agent to connect with doctors or friends who can’t visit.  HOSPI-Rimo is based on Panasonic’s HOSPI robot, a robot that delivers medication in hospitals.

The Press release states:

HOSPI-Rimo serves as an intermediary to enable comfortable communication between people who are bed ridden or have limited mobility to communicate with other people, for example, their attending doctor in a separate room in the hospital or friends who live far away, as if they were interacting face to face. Panasonic developed “HOSPI” automatic medication delivery robot, which is used in hospitals in Japan and other countries. HOSPI-Rimo employs HOSPI’s autonomous mobility technology and high-definition visual communications technology Panasonic is renowned for.


Panasonic has also upgraded their hair washing robot first introduced last year..  Yup, Panasonic has built a hair washing robot.

Click through for a video of HOSPI.

 Panasonic via (Press release)

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