R2-D2 in New Star Trek Film

maker-faire-08Stark Trek movie maker JJ Abrams likes Star Wars so much he has hidden R2-D2 in certain scenes in the new movie. Can you spot R2-D2 in the new Star Trek movie?

If so you could win big. By big I mean you could win an official prop from the movie.

To test if you have the chops for this, first go to the Cadet Training Facility and test your skills. Then go see the actual movie and look for R2-D2.

To enter the, send an email with the subject line Star Trek Easter Egg Sweepstakes, to facebook@paramount.com. For all the details, check out the official Star Trek Facebook page.

Link via (Gizmodo)

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3 Responses to R2-D2 in New Star Trek Film

  1. Chief Robot says:

    This movie totally rocks, but we have seen it twice and cannot find any trace of R2D2.
    Have you found him in the movie yet?

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