Futurama & Bender to Return

benderThe animated TV show Futurma starring Bender the robot is slated to return with new episodes in 2010 on comedy Central. Woohoo!

Shown here is the Bender Brew Bot, a DIY version of Bender made to actually brew beer.

Futurama was created by Matt Groening and  David X. Cohen.  Groening is best known as the creator of The Simpsons.  Futurama originally aired from 1999 to 2003, but then made several DVD only special episodes.

The show returned this past January to Comedy Central and began new episodes in March.  Futurama has been picked up for 26 more new episodes starting in 2010.

We are so excited! Can you tell we love Bender?  Check Bender out in action after the break.


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