BEAM Battle Bots

Solarbotics has a new Instructible up on how to build a  Solar Powered Battle Symet.

This looks really fun as these BEAM robots spin a lot faster than their predecessors and are easy to make.

From the Instructible:

BEAM Solar Symets (a contraction from “Symmetrical Robots”) were first built by Mark Tilden many years ago as a way to provide mobile plant-life to the other creatures in his Robot Jurassic Park. Being quite simple by only using one solar-engine circuit, they’re quick and easy to build.

These versions use high-power Miller Solar Engine circuits, that make them spin much more madly than their pokey ancestors! If you are new to BEAM, it’s a design philosophy that incorporates minimalist electronics, and often, solar power.

Buy the Solarbotic bundle of parts or source your own.

Link via (Make)

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