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The BilliBot Project

The BilliBot Project is a project started by Garrat Gallagher from MIT that uses  the iRobot platform and a Kinect sensor with ROS software.  ROS is the Robot Operating System developed by Willow Garage. What is BilliBot you ask? Bilibot, … Continue reading

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TurtleBot From Willow Garage

Willow Garage, famous for the PR2, a pancake flipping robot, have recently introduced TurtleBot. Now your very own snack serving robot can be yours. TurtleBot is an affordable home robot kit and you can choose from 2 models. If you … Continue reading

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Bubble Bot

Looking for a cool weekend project that kids will love?  Why not make a bubble blowing robot? Check out this cool project from Instructables user Zvizvi. Using an Arduino, a servo, a computer fan and various other parts, he has … Continue reading

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Prospero Robotic Farmer

Prospero is a project by David Dorhout for a SchmartBoard contest. The idea here is for a swarm of hexapods to do all your planting and crop tending for you.  The project write up states: Prospero is the working prototype … Continue reading

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Printable Delta Robots

Over at Thingiverse, the online file sharing website for MakerBot folks, user WilliamAAdams has made another printable robot called Yazzo PolyBot.  This is a Delta robot, which is generally used for picking and packaging and has 3 arms. Delta robots … Continue reading

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